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Wet Dog Food

Pet owners often face great dilemma to choose between wet and dry dog food. Dog owners always try to ensure that their pet remains in best of their health and spends a great deal of time with family and kids. The decision to choose the right dog food might be difficult and thus read more to know more about wet dog food.

Wet dog food is loved by pets because it is tastier than any other food. Generally, this type of dog food contains meat, tripe and sometimes even vegetables. It is the nature of the dogs to prefer food that contains meat. Wet food contains vitamins, proteins and moistures that enrich the health of the dog. This kind of dog food is processed less and hence has less chemical preservatives making it a healthier option.

However, pet owners must also remember that some wet dog foods have high level of water contents which means the buyer is actually paying for the water. Wet dog foods are quite expensive compared to dry ones. Wet dog food has low shelf life compared to dry dog food which means that once opened the food is required to be refrigerated and refuses to stay fresh beyond one or two weeks. Still pet owner sometimes feeds their furry companion with wet food because of the taste. Sometime dogs suffering from old and decayed teeth are fed with wet foods for the sake of providing them with nutrition.

Dry dog food is probably the most common type of food for dogs. It is cheaper and have almost all the nutrients required for your dog. Since, dry dog foods are hard and are crunchy in nature it provides a good exercise of jaw bones for your dogs along with keeping your pet’s teeth clean by scratching out plaque and other sticky teeth. The biggest advantage with dry dog food is it has greater shelf life after being opened in case your dog can’t complete the entire meal. To prevent your pet from getting bored with same taste it is suggested to feed them both dry and wet dog foods to make eating an enjoyable experience.

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