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Raw Dog Food

Raw dog foods are considered by many as biologically appropriate because their ancestors also survived on the similar meals. Before commercial dog foods came into existence dogs were fed with raw meat and the leftovers from the table. Many dog owners believe that fresh, whole and unprocessed food is healthy that contributes to the overall health of the furry companion of human.

Discussing in details the advantages of raw dog food the list is huge. As soon as your pet starts with raw dog food he or she will have shinier and healthier skin within two weeks. A difference can also be noticed with cleaner, whiter teeth and better breathe because natural unprocessed food prevents building up plaque as and when compared to commercial dog food. The natural food improves the digestive system of the pet that results in smaller stools with reduced odor. Your pet will also have less concentrated urine because of moisture in the meat.

Just like humans, dogs also suffer from allergies and the natural unprocessed food have all the potentialities to help them fighting with the allergies. Raw dog food also helps in reversing pre-existing conditions like hot spots and heart conditions. And lastly, the biggest advantage of raw dog food is it is quite cheap compared to commercial dog food but provides all the nutrition that requires for the health of your pet.

A raw dog food diet generally includes raw uncooked meat, organs and edible grounded bones. It helps the dog to get rid of excessive scratching problem, hair fall. To provide various interesting tastes to their pet dogs many owners mix raw dog food with vegetables, grains or other supplements.

However, there are also other arguments against the raw dog food like the incapability of the domesticated dogs to digest raw meat like animals do. The reason behind this is they might not have the right enzymes to do break down the raw meat. Furthermore raw meat contains bones that if swallowed accidentally might give rise to health problems. Under such circumstances providing meat after removing bones would be a good idea. If required you can consult your vet about raw dog food.

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