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Gun Dog Broker LABSMal x Tick litter: Pongo He's doing great. We're spoiling him rotten. I really haven't worked with him much but am starting to. He is doing quite well and seems to enjoy the attention. Beautiful dog.


Gun Dog Broker LABSMal x Tick litter: I can't thank you enough. He is an amazing dog, frankly, I love em. He is 100% potty trained. He has great bladder control, and basically pees on command when we take him out, even if he went an hour ago, he squeezes something out. He has learned sit, no, down, and respects our property boundaries. He loves the kids toys, but that is fair. He is great with the crate, your last advice helped a ton.


Gun Dog Broker LABSMal x Tick litter: Scout did GREAT on his first South Dakota pheasant hunt today. He had a few great retrieves and he stayed close. We limited on pheasants and are duck hunting this afternoon. I received a few comments regarding his good behavior. Thanks for all of your hard work. His pedigree showed up today!

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Gun Dog Broker LABSTess x Reload: Hi..the pups are still doing outstanding. I still have them but they should be going for their more advanced training in a couple of wks. Very high drive and pretty easy to train. The male is a climber though..jumps a 4 ft fence likes its nothing and lately has been trying to climb out of my 6 ft kennels. Make a nice agility dog! Going to repeat the breeding by any chance??

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Gun Dog Broker LABSTork and Abbey: Our pups from the 1st litter are celebrating their first birthday today, so I figured it would be as good a time as any to give an update.

Abbey is a beautiful 56lbs ball of energy. She loves to play and has absolutely no concept of personal space. I've intentionally kept all training very lively and exciting hoping to build off her excitement and see if she can make it in the FT world. She's not quite there yet, but she may turn things around. Either way she is set to be a stellar hunt test dog.

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