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Buying a puppy is a big decision. We are extremely proud of the pups that we are producing with our breeding program. We want to make sure that we match you with the perfect puppy even if it is not from our kennel. Many people base their decisions on factors that do not align with their needs. A well bred field trial dog does not necessary make the perfect house dog.

The 3 things to look for in a good puppy that will be a great hunting dog are conformation, bloodlines and temperament. Other things to look for are that both parents have had an OFA hip x-ray to detect dysplasia, Eye CERF to detect retinal dysplasia.

Started Gun Dogs

These are usually young dogs between the age of 6 months and 2 years that have had plenty exposure to birds, basic obedience, basic retrieve on land and water, have been around or exposed to guns, exposed hunting situations, been well socialized with other dogs, exposed to many environments and are not gun-shy. These dogs are ready to begin hunting. They are not fully trained dogs but show a lot of promise as a hunting dog and are ready to begin formal training.

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