Pet owners often remain confused about the right dog food, especially in a scenario where wide varieties of dog foods are available. A healthy food gives a pet good health, shiny fur and healthy teeth. It is always advisable to take time when it comes to selecting the right dog food because bad diet can make things go bad.

Let's learn types of dog food that will help the pet owners to decide the best for their dogs.

Dry dog foods are mostly used foods for the dog. Easy to store and available in different tastes most of the pet owners find it an inexpensive way to meet the required nutrition for dogs. This kind of dog food is also known for providing a great dental exercise because dry dog food tends to be hard. Because it is not messy in nature and the calorie can be counted very easily no doubt it is one of the most popular choices when it comes to providing dog nutrition.

However, giving only dry food to the pet might increase the risk of dehydration and the pet might not like eating same food every day. Dry dog food also might have higher level of chemical preservatives threating the life of the pet.

In solution of the above problem, wet dog food is preferred by many pet owners. It contains a great amount of meat which means more fat and protein followed by less preservatives compared to dry dog food. Other than providing a change of taste this dog food is a great choice to keep the pet hydrated. However wet dog food is quite expensive compared to dry ones.

Raw dog foods are another type of popular dog food considered as biologically perfect because ever since dogs came into this earth it has survived on raw meat. Even before commercialized dog food were available humans fed their companion raw meat or from their left overs meals. The goodness of fresh unprocessed and whole food is undeniable for the health of the dog and is quite cheap.

Pet owners can combine all these three dog foods for the sake of giving taste and ensuring the health.

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